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Chairman's statement

I was ever asked: “What makes you always so determined and persistent?”

I answered, “I must conduct my enterprise as conducting myself; I must develop my business as carrying out spiritual practice.” Looking back to the past twenty-year development of Beijing Libeiya Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., we are carrying out spiritual practice as we are developing the business! And the history of over-twenty-year-development of Libeiya is a history of spiritual practice! Every time when we face the important moments of development, we are always perfecting ourselves and initiating transformations and changes, so that we have achieved what we have today. On the way of moving forward, we are always with an ideal and belief in our hearts, which serve as a guide and warn us “Those who bear in mind their initial faith will achieve what they want.”

Just like the old legend goes: phoenix rose from the ashes and thus was reborn every 500 years; Whenever phoenix’s life came near the end, they would gather on the firmiana branches and received the bath of fire. They were reborn in the raging flames and got their feather richer, their voice clearer and their spirit more quintessential; When they fluttered and soared high, they would shine splendidly to illuminate the world.  

The nirvana of phoenix is a beauty of cruelty and, above all, of hope. The rebirth of phoenix is realized after going through the suffering of fire and the test of death. It is based on proceeding without hesitation. Phoenix was reborn and sublimated during this process.

Currently, people in China lack beliefs and many things have become unpredictable. However, no matter how complex the world becomes, how the market environment changes unpredictably and how the industry and our peers are lost in uproar and fickleness, all the members of our enterprise should calm down and stick to the ideals in our inner heart and our unswerving beliefs. I believe our ideals will come true when we own the courage of phoenix in nirvana and the determination of defying sufferings, being willing to sacrifice, proceeding without hesitation, treating every task with whole heart and challenging ourselves ceaselessly!

Let’s forge ahead hand in hand to create a bright future!


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